Meet the Staff of Girl Flight, Inc.

Tamiko Jones-Moody

Vice President

My name is Tamiko Jones-Moody and I have been working with youth for over twenty years. I’m currently a Treatment Coordinator for therapeutic foster children.   I am excited about working with Girl Flight and mentoring young girls to grow into beautiful women.  Working with youth has always been my passion and I am glad such as organization has been established!   I am a 1993 graduate of Cross High School, a 1998 graduate of Morris College and a 2006 graduate of Capella University.

Pamela Jones

Vice President

Pamela D. Jones was born and raised in South Carolina but she has resided in Atlanta, GA for the last 20 years.  Through her various professional relationships Pamela started  working with our youth for over 15 years ago. From reading to students in  the inner city schools to working vigorously with the Mentoring Ministry at her church,  Pamela believes that instead of complaining about our young people, get involved and be a part of the solution. Being the oldest of four girls she knows how to utilize coping skills to solve conflicts and how to be a role model.  Pamela believes the through her life experiences of highs and lows that she can encourage these young girls to live to their full potential. 

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Amber Gathers


I will be contributing to Girl Flight Incorporated by giving my time and effort.  I will continue to excel personally and spiritually so that the young ladies associated with this group will grow and flourish.  I will nurture and care for these girl as if they are my own.Girl Flight Incorporated will impact the lives of young girls in a positive way.  This organization will be soul watchers and groomers.  We want to make sure that a change is made in our communities.  We want Girl Flight Incorporated to spread like wild fire promoting excellence in every aspect of a young woman's life. Description here

Bridget Nelson

Fundraising Director

I'm truly excited about working with today's youth and being an inspiration to the young ladies that we will mentor.  I would be sharing my life with them and encourage them to move forward and press matter what.  I'm also excited about learning new things from the ladies of Girl Flight, Inc.  This world has changed so much verses when I was growing up.  I know being around them will open my eyes to new things. 

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